Sonarbangla Mohila Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

Sonar Bangla Mohila Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

সোনারবাংলা মহিলা কো-অপারেটিভ ক্রেডিট সোসাইটি লিমিটেড

Registration No. 135 Of 04.01.2016


Success Story of Sonar Bangla Mohila Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

Financial independence of women is one of the principal prerequisite of a progressive and equitable society. Working towards this objective, Smt. Minu Mamtaj Begum  along with a few women volunteers participated in a general meeting on the 19th of December, 2015  and decided to establish a Women’s Co-operative credit society in Sonarpur. Adhering to the establishment rules of a cooperative society, on the 4th of january, 2016, the Secretary Minu Mamtaj Begum along with 5 regular promoters unanimously named the Credit Society as Sonar  Bangla Mahila Cooperative Credit Society Limited. With an initial capital of 2.5 Lakhs and 250  share holders, the cooperative was registered with the ARCS on 04th  January, 2016 ( Regn. No. – 135 ).

Within a short span of its existence,  Sonar  Bangla Mahila Cooperative Credit Society Limited  has catered to thousands of customers while focusing primarily on its objective to make women financially independent. Over and above that, a large section of our account holders belong to the economically impoverished sections of the society. There has been a stupendous increase in both loan amounts and loanee members. Individuals starting off with Rs. 5000 as loan amount are now granted loans up to Rs. 5  lac for business purpose. 

Some salient features and services that the bank offers apart from usual banking services as on 31st March, 2022  as mentioned below –

    • Total Depositor -16011 Amount –Rs. 180640171
    • Total Loan Member – 5255 Amounting Rs.99599073
    • Total Share Holders – 250 Amounting Rs.250000
    • RTGS & NEFT facility.
    • Self Help Group to solve unemployment problem & social development
    • Non Freeze savings account for working class ( BPL ) open by “Zero” balance.
    • Bank under CBS platform






Sonar Bangla Mohila Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.